The game

Desert and Wilderness The Game is based on the most popular Polish adventure novel.

The players cover the road from Port Said to Mombasa together with Staś and Nel. On the way they  have the same adventures as those experienced by the heroes of Sienkiewicz’s novel: kidnapping, war, a sandstorm, an encounter with a lion, the discovery of an elephant, standing up against a horrifying witch doctor, and many, many others.


On the road, they are helped by friends: Kali, Mea, King the elephant, and the dog Saba; they also have and find many useful objects: a hunting rifle, water gourd, quinine, dates, kites, yet they were primarily forced to rely on their own industriousness and ingenuity.

The game is integrated with an online knowledge platform. It lets the players find important information concerning the Africa of the early 20th century. To play, you don’t need to know the novel In Desert and Wilderness by Henryk Sienkiewicz, yet we are convinced that the game will encourage players to read it.

PDF game manual.