The concept

We want to propose a new, attractive form of reading the most famous Polish adventure novel to all players, especially young ones, as well as teachers and librarians, as part of a project under the name of Desert and Wilderness. It is a board game integrated with an online knowledge platform.

Although good fun is very important here, the form of the game is not used solely to exploit the sphere of adventure, but also to serve a deep and critical reading of the novel and the understanding of the context in which it was written. We create a situation in which the player is motivated to use the online knowledge platform accompanying the project. Entering the website or using the QR codes on the reverse of the tiles that belong to the board game, the player will find important and interesting information concerning the novel In Desert and Wilderness and Africa early in the 20th century. Knowing them will let the player win additional points.


Game mechanics: Wojciech Rzadek
Illustrations: Anna Stosik
Academic supervision: Tomasz Majkowski
Methodological supervision: Biserka Čejović
Layout: Monika Stojek, Arkadiusz Mayer-Gawron
Texts: Marta Błaszkowska, Aleksandra Łozińska, Maciej Mikołajski, Maciej Nawrocki
Editing: Paulina Orłowska, Anna Rudnicka
English translation: HOBBiT Piotr Krasnowolski
English proofreading: Nicholas Hodge
Website production: EMBE MEDIA – Mateusz Błach

Produced as a result of a commission from the Polish Book Institute, as part of the Sienkiewicz Year 2016 programme by Agencja Promocyjna OKO Iwona Haberny