British East Africa

Britain had several colonies and dependent territories on the African continent. We will, however, focus on British East Africa as the last stage of Staś and Nel’s adventure leads through Kenya, which was part of it. It started in the Wa-Hima villages by Basso Narok Lake and ended in Mombasa by the Indian Ocean.

Kenya lies on the Indian Ocean and is bisected by the Equator, which means that a part of the country lies on the northern hemisphere and the other on the southern. Most of its territory is taken up by a plateau, whose Western expanses reach even as high as 3000m (9800ft) asl. There are plenty of gigantic mountains here, one of them is Mt Kenya reaching 5199m (17,057ft) asl, whose name gave origin to that of the entire country. It is also a land of great lakes. Apart from the salt-water Basso Narok mentioned above, which was otherwise known as Lake Rudolf, and now as Lake Turkana, it also has access to Lake Victoria: the largest water basin in the African continent.

Another country that used to be part of the British East Africa Protectorate is Uganda. It lies west of Kenya, deep in the continent and is also crossed by the Equator. The country lies by the banks of Lake Victoria. Like Kenya, it is also highland, with an average altitude of around 1500m (4900ft) asl. The highest mountain is Margherita Peak on Mount Stanley, which reaches 5109m (16,762ft) asl.